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Best Invoice Financing Companies

Best Invoice Financing Companies

Invoice financing can be a helpful way for businesses to gain quick access to capital against their own unpaid invoices. For small businesses in particular that have a customer base and active accounts receivable and may not qualify for more traditional loans, invoice financing can be a good option for companies with low or bad credit as invoice financiers often do not conduct credit checks.

If you’re needing fast capital to cover overhead or pay for equipment or infrastructure for your day-to-day business needs or to help your company scale, invoice financing may be a good option to consider. 

The Best Invoice Financing Companies

There are many different invoice financing companies with slightly different profiles so finding the one that’s right for you and your business requires some research. Tools like can help you review your options. Factors like total loan amount, APR, interest and fees are some of the factors to consider when deciding which invoice factoring company is right for you. 

Invoice financing companies can also vary by industry, with some offering financing options for certain sectors like manufacturing or supply chain or finance, wholesalers, etc. Some invoice financing companies are more focused on small businesses while others serve mid-size or larger companies. 

Compare Invoice Financing Providers

Some invoice financing companies include:

  • ALTline financing: offers up to $4 million a month with a minimum of $15,000 a month required. Pays up to 90% of invoices with quick approval and funding processes and money in hand in two days or less. Rates range from .5% to 3%, with a maximum of 5%.
  • PayPlant: funds up to $1 million with rates starting at 1.2% and funds processes in as fast as 24 hours.
  • Porter Capital: up to $15 million in funds with rates starting at .75% per month and turnaround in as little as 24 hours.
  • Triumph Business Capital: up to $5 million in funds with rates that vary based on invoice volume and contract type and length. Approval and funds available as fast as same-day. 


While interest rates can tend to be higher with invoice financing capital compared to more traditional business loans or other forms of financing, invoice financing can be a viable option for businesses needing quick capital when they can’t wait for their customers’ outstanding invoices to be paid to make that big purchase or cover overhead. Invoice financing offers the ease of increased cash flow against a business’ own funds, without the concern of having to pay back loans on top of regular revenues and expenses. Take advantage of resources like to compare and contrast your options and find the right invoice financing company for you and your business today.

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