Merchant Cash Advance companies

Best Merchant Cash Advance Companies

Best Merchant Cash Advance Companies

Merchant cash advances are a worthy type of financing that businesses can consider, particularly if they are new or have low credit scores. Merchant cash advances, or cash infusions calculated and lent based on anticipated future sales for a business, may be used to cover one-time or recurring expenses that current sales can’t cover.

Maybe you are a new business without an established credit history but are growing at a clip and need capital to cover growth expenses. Still, you don’t qualify for a more traditional loan because your credit history is too young. Or maybe you need to purchase new equipment and don’t have the liquid financing to cover it, and your credit score is lower than most business lines of credit would require qualifying. You might consider a merchant cash advance for your business in these instances.

There are many benefits of a merchant cash advance – the low threshold for qualifying, quick access to funds, and a lower likelihood of requiring a credit check. Still, they are also offset by some of the considerations distinct from more traditional loans, including higher merchant cash advance interest rates, fees, and budgeting (you should ensure that borrowing against future sales won’t put you in a bind in the future).

The Best Business Cash Advance Companies

Not all merchant cash advance companies are created equal. Some business cash advance companies have better terms, rates, and fees, easier application processes, and quicker access to funds than others. Some of the determining criteria for what type of merchant cash advance you might qualify for and the terms and fees depend on your business profile and financial health.

Here are some of the best merchant or business cash advance companies:

Name of merchant cash advance company

Cash advance amounts 



CAN Capital

Up to $250,000

1.15 to 1.48

6 months in business, $150,000 in annual revenues

Kalamata Capital Group

Up to $500,000

1.12 and up

1 year in business, Revenues of $250,000 annually

Libertas Funding

Up to $6 million

Based on qualifications 

6 months in business, $150,000 in annual revenues

National Funding

$10k – $500,000

1.17 to 1.36

1 year in business, $200k Annual revenue

Reliant Funding

Up to $400,000

Based on qualifications 

6 months in business, $10,000 in sales monthly

Of course, only you will know what is right for you and your business. Whether you are seeking a more traditional loan or are considering other forms of capital financing, like a merchant cash advance, it’s helpful to do your research. Resources like aggregate all your options in one easy search place. That allows you to price compare and shop for the right lender for your business needs and risk level.

Merchant cash advances can be a flexible and viable option for businesses, especially smaller businesses that may have inconsistent cash flow or that fall short in a cyclical fashion or during a period of growth. So, do your homework and find the right type of financing to help your business succeed. Apply now!

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