Invoice Financing with No Credit Check

Invoice Financing with No Credit Check

Invoice financing, or capital paid against a business’s unpaid invoices, can be a helpful option for small businesses and B2B companies that need fast access to capital and have customers and unpaid invoices. Invoice financing is also a good option for companies with no or bad credit, as invoice financing focuses more on the accounts receivable and the company’s customers than on the company’s finances since the funds are sourced from the company’s customers.


Reasons for Businesses to Seek Invoice Financing with No Credit Check

Small businesses might seek invoice financing because they need cash to cover overhead or investment to help grow or scale. They have customers and outstanding invoices, but they haven’t been paid, and they need capital sooner than that money might come in. Maybe they are considering a traditional loan but are worried they might not get approved because they are a newer company and don’t have an established credit history, or maybe their credit score is low. Invoice financing is a great option because they do not generally check credit scores, enabling businesses with no or bad credit to qualify. 

Is Invoice Financing Possible with No Credit?    

Invoice financing is possible with no credit. Many invoice factoring companies do not do credit checks because the collateral for the capital comes from a business’ customers, not the business applying for the funds. 

It’s important to note that invoice financing interest rates can tend to be higher, starting at between 1 and 5%, and could be much higher, depending on eligibility and other application details. Fees are a percentage of the total amount owed against unpaid invoices and can cost more than a traditional loan.

How to Qualify for Invoice Financing with No Credit?

Companies that want to access invoice financing with bad or no credit should research which invoice factoring companies offer capital with no credit checks. Resources like can help you price comparison shop to find the right invoice financing company that offers capital with no credit check.

You’ll need to provide your business credentials and accounts receivable to qualify. There is no need to supply balance sheets or credit history. 

Invoice Financing Lending Options for No Credit    

There are a few viable options for small businesses seeking financing with an invoice financing company but do not want to undergo a credit check. Some of the popular include:

  • FundThrough: Funds up to $5 million at a rate of up to 90%, with funds becoming available as soon as 24 hours after approval.
  • RivieraFinance: Funds up to $2 million with rates up to 95% and funds available 24 hours after approval. 
  • TCI Business Capital: Requires minimum annual revenue of $600,000 but no minimum credit care. Funds up to 90% in up to three days after approval.


Invoice financing is a great option for businesses with little or no credit and needs fast access to capital. For companies that are B2B or have a good roster of customers and might not qualify for a traditional loan, invoice financing can be a viable alternative. Review your options, weigh the benefits against the fees, and decide whether invoice financing is right for you and your business.

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